Black Bull Golf Tip | #10 With David Baucom

"Well, here we are again. The ball is above my feet. I've gotta hit it that way to my target, not too far, about 60 yards. I've gotta make good contact. I'm going to choke up on the golf club. That'll make me get a little closer to the ball, so I can get some access. The difficult part of this shot though is getting the ball on line. Everybody hears that you pull a golf ball when the ball is above your feet. The reality is you don't really pull it you're actually aimed there. So, if this wedge we're gonna go straight at you in the camera. If I get it above my feet, you can see how far left the ball is going to go while I am aiming straight. So now to hit it straight, my face would have to be that open to get the ball on my target line. You better understand that relationship. So, if you are using a sand wedge and you gotta hit it straight, you better open up that face to get it on line. If you have the option, you should take a less lofted club like a 6-iron if you don't have to carry anything, because if you take that six iron that's going straight, and I put it above my feet, you can see it's far less left, it's just a little. Now my correction is only that much. So if I switch to the six iron, instead of the 60-degree wedge, I can choke up on it just like we said, make my little swing, hit it pretty straight. That'll keep you online. Practice that. Use less loft when the ball is above your feet."