Black Bull Golf Tip | #9 With David Baucom

"Hi, I'm David Baucom, the PGA General Manager here at Black Bull, three time Teacher of the Year. We're going to work on this tip. The ball is way below our feet. We gotta deal with this situation. We got to get the ball up in the air, and we gotta know where the ball is gonna go. The key to this shot is getting great contact. The way you get great contact is you've got to widen your base. That helps you get down to the ball. Since the ball is below our feet, it's gonna drift off to the right a little bit. So, we want to cover that. We never want to let the ball drift too much. We gotta play for it, but just a little bit.

So, you take your normal set up, and your normal ball position, but widen it out more. Keep your feet pretty flat on the ground and swing around your core with your arms and hands. You wanna be real free and not guide the ball anywhere. You wanna let it go where it wants. Let's get comfortable, get wide, and let's give this a swing. Take that all day! You practice that shot; you'll be a better golfer."