GC Superintendent Report

By Jeff Gyselman, Head Superintendent

The golf course greens team is very excited and anxious to get started for the 2012 season. You will be seeing more course preparation as the weather cooperates. The biggest factor for the golf course will be increasing soil temperatures. The turf is starting to green up, be patient. It will be looking good very soon.

Last week, first cuts on tees were made. It is amazing what a little trim will do for the turf. We will continue with fairways and redefining mowing patterns. The way that things are looking, we will be putting a cut on the greens soon. So far they have only been rolled and the pin location changed from the winter.     

We are bringing on more staff this month to work on all the detail items. Normally, there is a lot of focus on vole damage clean-up. This winter, being as mild as it was, vole activity was almost nonexistent. There are a few spots here and there, but it may only take a couple of hours to clean up.

The golf course did very well against winter disease. There are a few patches of snow mold, but nothing the turf won’t heal from.

Most of the bunkers are in pretty good shape despite the amount of wind that we have been getting this season. We are in the process of determining which bunkers need replacement sand and which ones need sand re-distribution.

We have a very strong team and we are determined to make our club the best that it can be. I look forward to seeing you all out on the course.